“Dream Machine Delivers Hallucinatory Event Of Technology, Art, and Music” – Houston Press

Dream Machine is an audio and visual hallucinatory event dedicated to interactive and immersive technology, art, music, and design. Inspired by the original analog ‘Dream Machine’ by Brion Gysin (1963), the event’s aims to put you in a hypnagogic state; a vivid, dream-like state of mind before one falls asleep. Dream Machine is a platform for local Houston artists to create, communicate and express themselves to inquiring audiences via digital, interactive and analog technology in site-specific installations. Dream Machine also has a curated set list of local bands from Houston and other surrounding cities that have an aesthetic appeal that is inherently immersive with their sound. Together these two entities, sight, and sound, create what we call Houston’s ‘Dream Machine.’


Girls Rock Camp Houston is a one-week summer day camp formed in October 2009 to offer girls (ages 8-18 years old) music and art based workshops. Targeted areas include musical development, self-esteem enhancement, the creation of their own music, friendship, and community building, and nurturing individual talents within a cooperative atmosphere. Additionally, girls will benefit from physical & artistic activities that complement their music instruction.

Goals for the program include empowerment of girls & women through music and providing the opportunity for all definitions of girls & women to succeed in any music-related venture. Girls of all backgrounds and musical levels are encouraged to apply since a limited number of scholarships will be provided.

Girls Rock Camp Houston will offer campers a chance to write their own songs in a band setting and perform them during a concert at an actual live music venue at the end of the week-long session.




Born and raised in New York, Dom Bam made his way to Houston, Texas in the pursuit of something entirely new. Soon after, he connected with like-minded individuals in the Houston art scene, quickly discovering his love for curation and event planning. In his short time in Houston, Dom has worked as a Graphic Designer and Curator for War’Hous Visual Studios, working on shows such as “Oh My Glob!”, “Sight&Sound”, and the Annual “May the 4th Be With You” art festival. Most recently, Dom has joined up with Hannah Bull and Black Cassidy to create Bambull Black, and currently works as a Creative Director for Dream Machine. Dom is also an established Graphic Designer and pen and ink artist, his work can be found on Instagram @dombam or on Facebook: facebook.com/dom.bam



Hannah Bull came from a small town in the breeches of South Texas. It was a very unsatisfactory town for an insatiable mind and she geared up to get out. After graduating college, she moved to Houston and found the communal mecca known as Montrose. She felt energized by the beautiful creative utopia she had finally found and began to contribute and manifest ideas wherever she found opportunities. She has produced many events including Dream Machine, Pussy Pop, The Houston Music and Arts Hall of Fame, Sketchbook Saloon and was co-founder of DIY venue ‘The Waughford.’ Hannah is also a classically trained oil painter, art educator and dance director. For more of her work, follow her on instagram at @hannahbullnectar and @hannahbullflux.



Black Cassidy was born in Houston, Texas with a passion and vision for his city. A creative serf with an insatiable duty to his community, Black began his event planning schemes by executioning elaborate New Years eve parties for friends and booking shows for numerous bands he played in such as ‘A Prototype called Device’ and ‘Some Birds.’ His events took place at numerous iconic venues located throughout Houston and rapidly gained recogition from his community for the quality of his shows. Throughout the years, he has been asked to collaborate with numerous entities like Generators Playground, Montrose Proper, Hue Mural Festival 2016, River Revival 2018 and Houstons Free Art Friday.
In 2015, the idea for Bambull Black began to stir. Frustrated by the blasé execution and quality of events he had been attending, Black wanted more for his community and decided he wanted to curate events with quality, relevancy and progressive artistry. Having seen similar desires in Dom Bam while working on previous projects together, they both decided they wanted to work together exclusively and form their own entity.
That same year, Black met Hannah Bull. She had recently moved downtown after graduating from college and the two met during the Montrose Pub Crawl at the expired venue, Montrose Proper. In that same year, they both began working at the same private school in South Houston. Black watched as Hannah threw multiple events at their school; the Talent Show, a series of dance recitals and she even organized a ‘School Extraveganza,’ bringing in various creatives in the community (such as Anat Ronen, Matt Fries, Scabz the Clown, Beta Theater) to give artist talks and talk about their creative endeavors. In 2016, Black (who was also a nominee) watched as Hannah put on her first community event ‘The Houston Music and Arts Hall of Fame’ with great success. Black and Dom then decided to recruit her to the team and the rest is history.
Black is also a muralist and commissioned artist in Houston, mostly known for his Wizard and Wolves relief mural at Moon Tower and his large-scale Christopher Walken mural at St. Arnolds Brewery.To see more of his art, follow him at @ohnohedint or view his website at ohnohedint.com.